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Posted on October 28 2016

Every year 7.6 million pets in the United States enter the shelters out of which 2.7 million get euthanized each year. The statistics are staggering. Healthy, adoptable dogs and cats are put down every 12 seconds in this country, this cruel reality takes place in your own community, in every state, every city in every high kill shelter.

Thankfully, there are many animal lovers among us, that devote their lives to helping and saving animals, and thanks to many of them we do have no-kill shelters all across the country. A lot of these organizations save the lives of thousands of dogs by pulling them out of the high kill shelters.  There are rescue groups, that will take dogs of any breed or age and there are some that specialize in specific breeds, large dogs, senior dogs etc. If it wasn’t for the rescue groups that specialize in senior dogs or breeds that are not highly adaptable these dogs would never get a second chance in life.A lot of the shelters, especially in the southern states, receive on average 100 animals per day, on a good day one out of five will get a second chance in life. These facilities kill the animals within one to five days upon arrival, if the animal control brings in a stray, they are required to keep them for five days, owner surrender pets, there is no government regulations, they could be euthanized the same day they arrived, why? They don’t have the capacity to keep them. Some states have better statistics and higher adoption rate than others, but overall it is a tragic reality.

A majority of the no-kill rescue groups are non-profit organizations and their existence strictly depends on private donations, that’s why some of the smaller organizations that don’t have the fundings to build shelter facilities operates on a foster family system, where rescue dogs are placed with a family and stay there in till they are matched with their forever family.

The study was done by  International Society for Anthrozoology shows that It takes most potential adopters trying to get a dog from a kill shelter take less than 70 seconds to evaluate a dog in the kennel and many only check out about a third of the dogs available, they take out one dog during their visit and will spend an average of 8 minutes interacting with it.


When we add it all up, the dogs have just a few seconds to make the right first impression  and less than 10 minutes when taken out, to convince that person that they’re THE one. Most of them require you to fill out a short application and pay a minimal fee and you can walk out with your new family member.Adopting from a no-kill rescue group takes a little more time and effort vs adopting from a government funded kill shelter.

Most of the no-kill charities will put you through a  more vigorous application process, a lot of them will even send someone to your home to check your living environment and the adoption cost is usually a few hundred dollars. Why is it so much more difficult to adopt from the no-kill charities vs the kill shelters? The no-kill put a lot of time and effort into matching the dog with its new forever family, they want to make sure that these dogs never end up back in shelters.

If you are in the market to expand your family by adopting a furry friend and need help finding the right rescue organization in your area to adopt from, here are some resources that may help you: is North America's largest nonprofit pet search site that helps thousands of animal shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue groups, and pet adoption agencies find loving homes for homeless pets.                                                                                                                      

 If you looking to adopt from any shelter the ASPCA site it's a great resource,


Many of the organizations also list their dogs on a Petfinder website,              


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