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Jewelry Trends for The Upcoming Holiday Season

Posted on October 11 2016

Christmas for many is their favorite time of the year, the festive decors and fairy lights make the season magical and enchanting at the same time. With the holidays  in full swing, parties, events and gatherings are here and there. It’s time to level up your holiday outfit with some sparkle and glitz: It’s time to accessorize!

Whether it’s taking your office outfit to a full glam evening look or just adding a little holiday bling to your attire, there’s no easier way to incorporate the holiday feel to your look than with accessories: little bits of glitz and glamor. The holiday season is a wonderful time to dress up and feel good about yourself so that you can spread the holiday joy to everyone.

Using accessories to make outfits more festive can be a little tricky. A case of improper mixing and matching, or going a little too overboard can turn everything around and make you look like a walking Christmas tree.

As a guide, you can consider these holiday jewelry trends, approved by world class designers. Decide which is your style and steal these looks straight from the runway!


Pearls will always be classic. Wearing them this holiday season makes your look more sophisticated, yet ready to have fun. A string of pearl necklaces is very in today, paired with casual outfits like denim jeans and military jackets.

Single earrings

Be it a long draping pair, ear cuffs or even hoops, single earrings are one of the jewelry trends this holiday season. Make a statement with your ear pieces and keep your outfit simple. Be a little more fun with tassel earrings! Take one earring from a pair to create this effect. Here are some earrings we’d recommend to use.

Asymmetric Earrings

Still, on the earrings category, those asymmetrical ones are also trending on the runway and in the street fashion. The mismatched design, color, and length can send the message that you’re feeling a little bit playful this holiday season. Mix and match different earrings in your collection to achieve these looks. Here are two pairs that we’d recommend mixing:

Gem Stones
Whether you wear these as rings or pendants, gemstones are so in this holiday season, particularly the Winter Opal one, which is symbolically connected to the season. Its cool blue toned monochromes go so well with the winter season and the snow, making it literally like a sparkling snowflake in jewelry form.

Statement necklaces or embedded bibs

Perfect with minimalist tops or dresses, big, bold and attention-catching necklaces are in this festive season. These surrealist necklaces can drastically change a look and lets you transform a formal office look into an outfit that’s ready to party all night long. Amber gemstones are perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday as it’s brown and yellow tones match the season perfectly.


Layered necklaces

These pieces can entirely change your entire look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, as long as you keep in mind to balance your style: different lengths, different charms. You can have chains, beads or strings. Here are two necklaces we’d suggest layering together.

Keep in mind that accessories are just there to amplify, complement and enhance your look. Overdoing it is very tricky, especially if you want to showcase different pieces at the same time. To avoid that, here are some tried and tested tricks to achieve that simple, yet glam looks you want.

  • Choose focal pieces. It is better to have less, yet bold accessories, and limit the number of your jewels. You can try these year’s holiday trends—asymmetrical earrings, bold cuffs, multi-layer necklaces and cocktail rings, but not all at the same time.
  • Do not to put items too close together on the body. Instead of big earrings AND a big necklace, try big earrings and a cocktail ring.
  • Don’t be a walking accessory display rack—You should be wearing your jewelry, and not the other way around. If you are larger in stature go for bigger pieces. Don’t wear anything so small that it simply gets lost on you. Conversely, if you are smaller, don’t wear pieces that are so big, it looks like you are drowning in decoration.
  • Don’t get too “costumey” –Resist “seasonal accessories” which include but are not limited to, ceramic reindeer or turkey pins, Christmas tree and candy cane earrings, mistletoe brooches. Instead, invest in classical pieces like gold accessories, which is not only trendy this holiday season but all throughout the year.

Choose one or two bold items to elevate your look and have fun accessorizing! Remember that your accessories are just there to add some holiday glitz and glamor to your Christmas party/gathering outfit, and they should never steal the show.  At the end of the day, your fashion statement will not matter as long as you enjoy the season’s warmth and cheer with your family, friends and loved ones.




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