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6 tips to keep your pets safe in Spring

Posted on March 27 2017

Spring is almost here and we will be doing spring cleanings, house improvements and getting ready for Easter, but at the same time let's not forget to keep our furry friends safe. Here are some useful tips to keep your pets safe and happy this spring.

1. SPRING CLEANING is a time-honored tradition in many households, but be sure to keep all cleaners and chemicals out of your pets’ way! Almost all cleaning products, even all natural ones, contain chemicals that may be harmful to pets. The key to using them safely is to read and follow label directions for proper use and storage.

2. HOME IMPROVEMENTS, products such as paints, mineral spirits and solvents can be toxic to your pets and cause severe irritation or chemical burns. Carefully read all labels to see if the product is safe to use around your furry friends. Also, be cautious of physical hazards, including nails, staples, insulation, blades and power tools. It may be wise to confine your dog or cat to a designated pet-friendly room during home improvement projects.

3. GARDENS, pet parents, take care—fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides keep our plants and lawns healthy and green, but their ingredients may be dangerous if your pet ingests them. Always store these products in out-of-the-way places and follow label instructions carefully. Many popular springtime plants—including rhododendron and azaleas—are also highly toxic to pets and can prove fatal if eaten

4. ALLERGIES, like us, pets can be allergic to foods, dust, plants and pollen. Allergic reactions in dogs and cats can cause itching, minor sniffling, and sneezing, or life-threatening anaphylactic shock to insect bites and stings. If you suspect your pet has a springtime allergy, please visit your veterinarian as soon as possible.

5. FLEA AND TICK PREVENTION, April showers bring May flowers—and an onslaught of bugs! Make sure your pet is on year-round heartworm preventive medication, as well as a flea and tick control program. Ask your doctor to recommend a plan designed specifically for your pet

6. EASTER IS HERE, keep lilies and candy in check—chocolate goodies are toxic to cats and dogs, and all true lilies can be fatal if ingested by cats. And be mindful, kitties love to nibble on colorful plastic grass, which can lead to an obstructed digestive tract, severe vomiting, and dehydration. Moreover, while live bunnies, chicks, and other festive animals are adorable, resist the urge to buy them—these cute babies grow up fast and often require specialized care!

We all enjoy springtime after cold long winter it's a pleasure to go outside and spend time in the sun, taking in consideration the safety of our pets we can all have a great time and enjoy the season.



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