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The Benefits of Self-Planning Your Funeral

Posted on June 20 2016

As human beings, we always like to plan ahead for an event that’s bound to happen in the future. We make plans for everyday small things,as well as for future events. Planning is a very  important part of our existence, it gives us the power of control over our lives,and also helps to avoid unnecessary surprises. Self-planning your funeral is no different.

Although death is the worst ordeal anyone would think of, it has to happen to all of us. A lot of people these days take the initiative of planning their own departure while they are still alive. Funeral services are changing more and more, people no longer desire to have a sad and grieving goodbye ceremonie, they want this last event in their life to be a celebration of their life, meaningful and all about them and the legacy they leave behind.  Here is a look at some of the benefits of self-planning your funeral and putting F-U-N back to the funeral.

  1. Grant peace of mind

Pre-planning your final journey provides a peace of mind even as you leave the remaining days. You will find that you can rest easy knowing that all the provisions have been taken care of regardless of your age or health. Your loved ones will also have a peaceful time grieving after your passing, knowing that everything has been catered.

It is also normal for families to have a hard time when making decisions regarding the service and burial in the midst of their mourning. With a planned funeral, you save your loved ones from taking the responsibilities of making the right decisions and a lot of times arguments (what’s right for one person may not be for the other). Such plans are always a blessing during their time of grief. To have a more organized send-off, it is advisable to buy a pre-need plan from a funeral home or establish a trust funded by a life insurance policy. By planning ahead of your funeral, you will ease the burden of your passing on your family.

  1. Ease the financial burden

There is no doubt that the passing of a family member places a financial burden on the loved ones. Pre-planning your funeral can help you save money and earth. Many people today want more affordable but at the same time more meaningful exit. Home-based, family-directed funerals and green burials are becoming more popular today, as more people seek out eco-friendly exits. By eliminating some of the traditional and unnecessary funeral products, like embalming, expensive caskets, you can cut down funeral costs significantly.

You need to decide where you want your money to go, why to pay for things you don’t need if you can use the money to throw a funeral bush that will provide your family and friends with hours if not days of fun and remembrance.

It is a good idea, not only from the perspective of making easier for your loved ones but also you can pre-pay for the services at today’s prices and protect your estate from a high rate of inflation. You will save your loved ones from an emotional overspending by removing uncertainty and clarify your expectations for your service. Finance is key in making your send-off and F-U-N occasion to attend.

  1. Confirm your last wishes

Each and every one of us would like to have our last wishes honored after we are called to the other site.I know that for many of us it’s not easy to sit down and think about it and we try to avoid this subject and for some of us, it doesn't really matter what happens after we die and how our family will handle the services, but if you are not one of those people, it’s a good idea to sit down and put your wishes in writing, make sure your loved ones are aware of your plans. Remember, this is the last event you will plan in this lifetime, so make it the way you want it, you no longer have to please anybody,  it is going to be your farewell, celebration of your life, your way. It is a good idea to recruit a funeral team that will carry out your wishes, research the professionals who can bring your funeral dreams to life. Decide on a disposal method that meets your spiritual needs, environmental standards, and celebration guideline.

  1. A meaningful funeral

Since the passing of a loved one is an awful and tragic time for a family, their decision-making abilities during this time are very limited. Without any guidelines from you, most likely you will have a very traditional, ordinary funeral service,recommended by the funeral director and a lot of the times your loved ones will choose an expensive funeral accessories trying to give you the best for the last time and spend an unnecessary amount of money at the same time. Save your family from making these hard and expensive choices, think what it’s really important to you, maybe traditional services are not for you. Today there is a lot of different options when it comes to funeral services, research, explore and see what fits you the best.

More and more funerals these days are rich in festive and dramatic possibilities, remember your funeral it’s your day, and it’s all about you. By pre-planning it, you get to select the menu, pick the music, invite whomever you wish. It’s your last chance to express your best self and say goodbye to your loved ones on your own terms.Your funeral isn’t just about reliving old memories, but also about creating new ones so that you will live on in the hearts and minds of your family and friends forever.

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  • Lillian Schaeffer: July 06, 2016

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that pre-planning your funeral will make your services more meaningful. There are some things I would like to have at my funeral that aren’t necessarily conventional, but they’re meaningful to me. I’ll definitely look into planning it out while I’m still here so I can add those to the services. Thanks for the great post!

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